Thursday, January 5, 2012

We're Havin' a Heat Wave!

I can hardly believe that today is January Minnesota none-the-less and it was 50 degrees today!!!! Can I get a whoop, whoop!!! The sun was shining all day long and it felt SO good, like spring time good and this mama was LOVIN' it :) I even left work early and snuck in a run with miss Bella...another fabulous day. Chris and I met with our new financial advisor today and we are very excited to be getting our investments in order as financial planning and saving has always been at the top of our priority list however things like a little buggy boo and a wedding took precedence, but now we are ready to take the leap and start investing our money for our sweet, beautiful year's resolutions are in full swing and it feels great! I hope you all had a great Thursday...yay, only one more day left to the work week and then it's time with the fam again...weekends are my FAV!

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