Monday, January 9, 2012

Thank you Swivel Store!

Happy Monday everyone! So today's post is about my terribly messy spice shelf in my kitchen cupboard; it was one hot mess and I have been searching for the perfect solution. I usually don't buy into those "as seen on TV" products but because I had my spice mess on my mind, the "Swivel Store" caught my attention! I would say that Chris and I are "beginner level" cooks so we don't have a ton of spices on hand but it's just one of those things that seems impossible to keep organized and their home looked like this (please don't judge!):
So here's the long shot...the top shelf is the home to my beautiful Kitchen-Aid Mixer that was a gift from Chris' grandma Jane for my wedding shower (I know, how lucky am I?! She's the best!) It's what I call organized. Then the second shelf is the home to all of my baking supplies...again, a little cluttered but I can easily get to everything without supplies falling out on me...and then there's the terrible first shelf which is the home to spices, vitamins, etc...ONE HOT MESS :)
Here's a close's just in shambles and we often just shove things back in until they fit...don't lie, you've done it too ;) hehe!

So.......that's where the "Swivel Store" comes into play...found this baby at Wal-Mart yesterday...yes, I braved that God-awful store on a Sunday none-the-less but since we are trying so hard to save extra $$$ for the basement, I have been doing a little grocery shopping there lately and I needed wipes for little miss sugarplum..okay, there I go getting side-tracked again! Sorry, just felt the need to explain why I would be in Wal-Mart because I dread going there! Okay so anyways, this little contraption was $19.99 and although that might seem a little steep for a spice rack, it is a huge space-saver...see below!!!
 Awwww...organization at it's finest! And lots more room for more spices...that is, if the hubs and I ever learn how to cook a little better!
 This shows how the "Swivel Store" swivels out and turns so that you can have easy access to your spices! Such a good idea!
And since I'm a "bigger picture" type of gal, I wanted to include the bigger picture! I had to raise the middle shelf up one notch as the "Swivel Store" didn't quite fit with how the shelves were placed before and that meant that my oils and such were then too tall for the middle "baking supplies" shelf so I ended up having to re-organize everything but it all worked out in the end and if you ask me, it looks a hell of a lot better then it did before :) Yay...starting to cross more "to-do's" off my list!
So there ya have it...thank you "Swivel Store," for making the madness of my spices a little more organized!

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