Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Buggy is.......................WALKING!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning! I have really exciting news!!!! But first, let me recap; so our little buggy boo is what her pediatrician likes to call a "late bloomer" as she had ZERO interest in crawling...most babies start crawling anywhere from around 6-9 months old...my Rylee did not start crawling until she was 13 months old!!! We were never worried as we knew that she would do it when she was good and ready and especially since she's our first, we are always carrying her around and just lovin' her up so she really had no reason to crawl :) Awww, it just makes me laugh to think about her little stubborn, hilarious personality! So anyways, here we are at the beginning of January 2012 and she is 16 months old (will be 17 months on the 21st!) and she has been taking steps here and there but it is only when people weren't watching...she just didn't quite have the confidence in herself that she could do it! Sometimes she would take a couple of steps on her own and then realize what she just did and sort of panic and then drop to the ground but last night, when I got home from work...she was walkin' the walk folks!!!!!!!! There was no stopping my little buggy...she was on a mission to walk and she was doing fabulous!
So this is what happened; I was in her bedroom (which is at the end of the hall) putting her things from daycare away and she was in the living room...all of the sudden I heard what I thought was her hands hitting the floor when she is "fast crawling" but for some reason, I just had a feeling it was MAYBE her little feet hitting the ground so I came out of her room and sure enough, there was Rylee just walking down the hallway towards me in her bedroom like it was no big deal! Of course I was hysterical (yes, you can laugh it up because those who know me are probably picturing me jumping up and down...which indeed I was!!) I was SO happy and SO proud of her...and then I grabbed my camera hoping that I could get her walking on video since daddy was at a meeting for the sheriff's department and I knew it would kill him if he missed it; Chris' mom and little sister were here to see it too and helped me encourage her to do it again...and so she did...again and again and again!!!! There is literally no stopping her now and that is what her pediatrician always told us...that one day she was just going to decide that it was her time to walk...and so I guessed she picked January 9th :) Random day but we'll take it...maybe she picked January because she knows it's mama's birthday month!?!?! Just kidding! Now it's time to REALLY baby proof this little house of ours!
******************************You guys, I've been trying to upload the video for over an hour and it's not working...boooo hoooooo :( I'll keep trying to figure out how to get it to work but for now, I have to get to work...just wanted to share the happy news! Have a good day!********************


  1. Congrats Rylee!
    Hey try uploading it to You Tube... you can make it private if you want so people cannot just search and find your video, or you can leave it public, but regardless of that you can link it to your blog! I know my video of Rex wouldn't work just from my computer, so I deferred to You Tube.

  2. yaaaaaaa!!! OMG...yes, what Lindsey said...put it to youtube and then upload to your blog through youtube. I need to see this!!! So happy for her!!!

  3. Oh! I never would have thought of that, thanks for the advice sista :) I'll try it and hopefully get it uploaded because it's soooo funny!!!