Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Video of Rylee WALKING!!!

Okay guys, thanks to my friends Bridget and Lindsey, I think (key word being "I think!") I have the video of Rylee walking figured out!!! I had to upload it via You Tube and then share the link on this post...I really hope it works! Please ignore my terrible video taking skills, as well as my annoying voice...uggghhh, don't ya just hate how you sound on video or on voice mail...it's so strange just how different your voice sounds! Anywho, this is hilarious and you can really see buggy's personality just shining through...watch for the part (about half way through) when she litterally like jumps in the air and lands on her hands and knees...I may have had a slight heart attack until she started laughing which then made me laugh...It sounded SO painful but didn't let a little fall hold her back :) Enjoy the video!
The VERY proud mama, Amanda