Monday, January 23, 2012

Storage Room Built In's...A Success!

Hi guys! Happy Monday! I'm so excited to show you guys our fabulous storage room that is finally "pretty-much" finished in the basement. My request to my handsome builders (the hubs and his dad) was that the storage room be completed first so that way we could get all of our junk lovely belongings (that were already housed in totes) up off the ground and on the shelves that they were going to build; that way we could plastic off the storage room and the rest of the basement would be a clean slate for them to go to town on (A.K.A. get done A LOT faster than the rest of our basement projects have taken us thank GOD!) as promised from the very beginning of this wee-little blog, was to keep it real and so I am going to show you the frightening pictures of the "before" where all of our junk lovely belongings were stacked and crammed into what will someday be the family room downstairs...we had to obviously clean out the storage room completely so that Chris and his dad could go to work building the shelves. Yes, it is quite scary and I beg you to please not call me into that show Hoarders...I swear to you I'm not "that bad!" And yes, I fully admit I struggle with getting rid of some things but that's what ya get with being a sentimental's a work in progress :)
Before Pics:
(Yes, that's my lovely wedding dress hanging amidst all of the chaos...still have to get that baby cleaned...add to my "to-do" list...check!)
So there ya have it...A LOT of stuff I know (And it goes all the way back to that white wall...eek...and the sad thing is...this is the "after" pile meaning "after" we already went through it all and either brought stuff to Good Will or gave it to the garbage man! Like they say in giving anything day at a time ;) haha!
The step-by-step directions to building the shelves will be "guest posted" by the hubs (coming soon); he LOVES that we are doing this fun blog as a way to document all his hard work ;) Therefore, he is even willing to do some of the typing and blog entries so that if interested, you guys will have the directions for DIY built-in shelving units and all the fun DIY tricks we have up our sleeve!
Here's a few pics of Chris and his dad, Jim hard at work:
I know, "how rude?!" that they wouldn't even look and smile for the camera lady :) I'm always downstairs pestering them for pictures! So as you can see, we had to stud up the walls so that we could insulate (the most expensive portion of the project...jeeze, who knew insulation was so darn expensive :( Oh well, it was totally worth it as you walk into our new storage room and you can literally feel the warmth!) After the walls were studded and insulated, we (we?! who am I kidding, I'm pretty handy but I had nothing to do with this job was to keep buggy entertained upstairs and out of the sawdust!) put a layer of plastic over and then started building our beautiful shelves...can you tell I'm so excited?! :) It's kind of hard for me to explain it so I'll let Chris tell you guys all about the process as well as materials needed for this project.
Being that I was SO EXCITED {insert me running and jumping around like a kid in a candy shop when the hubs revealed my shelves and buggy laughing at mama while Miss Bella ran around after me because she thought I was playing with her! No lie.} I had a major brain fart and didn't take any of the after pictures without all my crap our belongings on their new home...sorry guys, I couldn't help it; as soon as Chris told me "honey, we're done," I was downstairs organizing immediately...and then we did more the next day while buggy was sleeping so that we could get the rest of the basement cleaned up as the walls are going in this week........................YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
The clutter organized (or at least organized "enough" for this mama!):
 So the shelf above is an old one that we purchased at Home Depot and used to house our totes, etc before the built-in's were born; it's a nice, sturdy shelf that we couldn't part with and because the storage room is kind of awkwardly shaped, we kept it and put it by the furnace and it's the new home for all of the hubs tools, paint, odds and ends for projects, worked out really well!
Everything is either in a color-coordinated tub or it is clearly labeled so that we all know where everything is. Everything has a home and it's SO refreshing to have it all cleaned and organized...look at all that baby stuff *sigh* It's just going SO FAST...can ya tell, getting major baby fever :) I think the time is getting close for another buggy boo!!! Wait...reality check...two in diapers = A LOT OF $$$ so maybe I'll keep working on potty training first ;) Who's all up to God anyways! Okay, sidetracked moment over!
So...what do you guys think?! Do you love? What do you do for organization at home?!
Okay, one more picture of Rylee...remember from last week when I told you guys that she was sick and had a sore bottom from the antibiotics?! We let her run around nakey the other night and she LOVED it (age appropriate or I'd be concerned ;) hehe!) Here's a picture of my little love muffin:

"Hey mama, stop taking pictures of my biscuits (what we call her little booty!)"
Well, that's all for today, gotta get my biscuits to work! Have a happy Monday!

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  1. I will await anxiously for Chris's post on how to do those because I would love for my hubby to do some of those babies in our garage!!! Organization is so calming...isn't it?!!??! :)Love you!!! Phone date soon?!?!