Thursday, January 19, 2012

Buggy has a buggy :(

Hi guys! It's been over a week since my last post but this mama has been a BUSY mama running around taking care of my sick little buggy boo. Poor baby has a double ear infection and pink eye...I guess I can thank daycare for all the little buggies she brings home. I know that's just part of life with being a workin' mom and all but it is the worst thing in the world to feel so helpless when you're baby is sick. She had been tugging at her ears for a couple of days but she's just SUCH A HAPPY BABY that I chalked it up to teething and then finally when she was up every hour on the hour Saturday night, Chris and I took her into the ER first thing Sunday morning...she's allergic to some of the antibiotics so they have to use this one (brain fart with the name) that is a bit stronger and of course gives her the runs which then always leads to a sore again, I end up feeling so helpless as she is hurting all over :( Plus, now that she's walking, she thinks she should not only walk but RUN everywhere and she's still pretty wobbly on her feet so she keeps falling down and has bruises all's a good thing I work in child protection or I'd probably be getting social services called on me with how beat up she looks, my poor little bugs! We'll get through it like we always do but I long for the days of warmth in MN when getting sick is less likely because I just feel so bad when she's hurting...although I will admit that I LOVE how snugly she is with mama when she's not feeling well. She could literally sit in my lap, snuggled in, ALL.DAY.LONG!!! In addition to taking care of Rylee all weekend, the hubs and I got a lot done in the basement...the storage room is officially done with the built in shelves; everything is organized and put away and now we have a clean slate to work with in regards to finishing the rest of the basement...can I get an AMEN?!!! I seriously can't wait to get that baby done. We also tried out some new recipes over the weekend so I have a lot to share with you...that will all be coming this week!
I hope you all have a fabulous day closer to the weekend...yahoooooo!

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