Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life Changes

Happy Hump Day Friends :)
Today I thought I'd tell you all a little about all the changes that the Fordham Fam has made since finding out we were expecting.............TWINS!
First and foremost, we've done A LOT of laughing because during stressful times (ie. like re-working our budget a million times to make sure that we are going to be financially okay once these two little love bugs arrive...after all that stress, you pretty much feel like you just want to curl up and cry with all the uncertainties and unanswered questions! *sigh*) Daddy says..."no cryin' mama...just laughing!" That hubby of mine, let me tell you, he is my very best friend! I'm the "stressor, the do-er, the planner" of the family and he's a lot more laid back and just knows in his heart that everything will just work out like it's supposed he always says, God would not have blessed us with two babies at once if we were not going to be able to handle it...Amen honey!
We literally laugh about everything now...we just have keeps us sane! We have made sure to spend every extra second we have spending quality time with our first love, Rylee Jane because we know how big of a change this will be for her too! She is always rubbing my belly and kissing her baby "siksters" and although I anticipate some jealous bugs from her, I think she's going to be the best big sister in the world...she is just so gentle and kind and LOVES to share! Hopefully she will stay like that when her baby sisters are actually home with us...time will tell!
One of the biggest changes that we've had to make is....................we had to get a..............are you ready for it................................a MINI-VAN (cue the's okay...I still can barely even say the words MINI-VAN out loud without a smirk on my face! haha!) I was always that girl that matter what, under no circumstances...will I ever drive a mini-van!!!!! And that of course was before I ever thought, in a million years, that we would be having two babies at the same time! Before the new wheels, I had a Hyundai Sonata that I absolutely ADORED! It was such a nice car...we purchased it shortly before Rylee arrived as we knew we needed something bigger than my little Saturn car and something much more reliable...that beauty had such a nice smooth and comfy! But we knew immediately that the Sonata was not going to fit THREE car seats so we began the search for a new "family vehicle." We got a pretty big reality check almost immediately that there was no way we were going to be able to afford a nice, SUV that would comfortably fit all of us and furthermore, the gas prices for an SUV would be sadly, my hopes for a cool mom vehicle dwindled and we narrowed our search to mini-vans! Chris was tickled pink about this...thought having a van would be so cool because they are just so roomy and comfortable and his humor quickly pulled me out of my "feel sorry for myself funk!" We lucked out and found a very nice, 2010 Chrysler Town and Country (the Touring edition!) This baby is fully loaded with leather seats that are heated none-the-less, two drop-down DVD players for the munchkins and a touch screen navigation system, back up camera, memory for thousands of songs, name it, this baby had it, lol :) It's still not what I ever imagined myself driving as a 28 year old but it's not about me anymore...that changed the second Rylee Jane came into this world! It really is nice...and we are very fortunate to have found it for such a good deal. It's a beautiful dark-gray color and the interior is all light gray...really pretty! Picture and the hubs drop the buggy off at daycare, run through a coffee drive-thru and jam out to old-school Snoop Dog while crusin' around in the MINI-VAN...yep...we went there :) And we laughed the entire time!
Other changes we've had to make are down-grading our cellphone plans to save money as well as turning our cable off...poor Chris...right around football/hockey season but for $80.00 a month just for basic cable (damn you CHARTER! Rochester only has one cable company and they are not willing to wheel and deal at to the hoo!) we just couldn't keep it around! We are trying to cut back in every area that we feel is not a least until these little bundles arrive so we know where we're at financially and then if we're doing okay, we will slowly start bringing some of the luxury items back into our lives...but for now, it's games and music and having tea parties with our lady bug...and I'm LOVING every second of it! It's a very humbling feeling to know that you can live with less and it just feels good to be in control of our makes me feel more in control of everything and right now, I need that! One more thing that I wanted to share with you guys is this HILARIOUS video that my aunt sent me...said it reminds her of what our lives will be like with three kids...and because Chris and I have gotten so good at having a great sense of humor...I could totally see us bustin' out in a rap someday...haha!!!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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