Monday, August 20, 2012


It's hard to believe that it's been FOUR months since my last post...where does the time go?! I have SO much to update you much has changed in our lives since my last post!!! We have been so busy with so many house updates that I can't wait to share with you...and I have lots of buggy fun to share with you too...speaking of my lady bug......she is going to be TWO tomorrow (GASP)!!! I can hardly believe seriously every time I think about her being two, it brings tears to my eyes. The biggest news of all though...bigger than house updates and birthdays is............Chris and I found out right around Easter time that we were going to have another little buggy!!!! We knew that come March, we were going to start 'trying' and by that I mean...just go with it and have fun and when God blessed us with another baby, we knew that the timing would be meant to be...much to our surprise, we got pregnant right away and I got that big fat POSITIVE right before Easter! We were so shocked and SOOO excited! With your second pregnancy, at our clinic anyways, they don't want you to come in until around 10 was the longest 10 weeks of my life because I was so sick this time around...I kept thinking to's gotta be a boy because I was just so sick. Every time I would try to get out of bed, I'd have to crawl right back and get into the fetal position and sleep it off. Thank GOD I have a very flexible job which allows me to work from home at times because I literally don't know how I would have gotten myself up and ready and into the office...I made sure to schedule all appointments with clients late in the afternoon and even then, I still felt terrible! Ughhh...not missing those days FOR SURE :) In mid-May, we finally got to go in for our first OB appointment (it was on a Wednesday.) It was very procedural, like the first OB appointments tend to be and then we were able to hear our little buggy's heartbeat...strong and fast!!! We were floating on cloud 9!!! We knew that we conceived the bug in March but I wasn't 100% as to when so they had us come back two days later for an early ultrasound to determine due date....that was when our lives forever changed...............................
We were called into the was an elderly man ultrasound tech who at first glance seemed to be a little "up-tight" and wanted to get right down to business! He put the wand on my tummy and and pushed a couple of buttons and all of the sudden he says............."uh oh, what do we got goin' on here??" I looked at my hubby and my heart just sank...he squeezed my hand feeling my angst as I thought for sure that something was wrong...he then went on to say..."well, can you guys see the screen okay...what do we got going on here...can you count?!!!!????" Yes friends, he asked us if we could count which could only mean one thing..........................TWO fluttering heart beats in our little jelly bean-blobs that we could see on the screen!!! It was much emotion, so many racing-thoughts...just so much all at once! God is so amazing and even though I did...and still do have many fears about all the "what if's," (especially finances...daycare will be...are you sitting down??? $1800/month for all three babes...that is just insane to me but what do you do?!) I do know in my heart that God blessed us with two little miracles because he knows that we can handle it! Chris and I have always said from the beginning that we wanted four kiddos...I guess we're well on our way, lol! We laughed for a good five minutes and then our ultrasound tech, who turned out to be very warm and kind, went on with the ultrasound; he did end up moving our due date back a week so it went from December 6th to December 14th but either way, with twins, we keep hearing....prepare for November sometime!!! It's been months since we first found out and it's still just so shocking! I'm so happy and I feel so blessed. Our little ladybug always says that it's "her baby siksters" in mommy's tummy....we will see if she's right...I will share the big gender reveal with you this week!!!!
So...I know they say excuses are like "butt-holes" (pardon the visual! hehe!) because "everyone has one and they usually stink"...but I would say that my excuse for taking a break from my little blog is a pretty darn good one! I have really missed it this summer though...I recently made a promise to myself that I would do something for myself...aside from the daily grind of being a mommy and a wife. I need and crave this creative outlet and the hubs has so many things he still plays hockey and softball, etc...and once I became a mommy, I just kind of stopped having much of a life. Don't get me pride and joy is being at home with Rylee and Chris but I also need some "me time" too!!! So anyways, no more breaks (well...maybe a couple brief ones when the twins arrive!!) but I'm back and ready as I'll ever be to show you guys all of our hard work on our beautiful little home...It was hard...and tedious at times...and we still have a big laundry list of "to-do's" but so far, everything looks great and I'm so happy with the results! I also am back and more ready than ever to share the rest of my journey with you guys of this twin pregnancy and becoming a mommy of, still can't believe it! So much to be thankful for...................
I missed you and I'm so happy to be back!