Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blog Slacking

Well let's's only been THREE WEEKS since my last and very first blog post, gosh...I'm such a slacker...I had such high hopes for myself to stay caught up with this but to be honest, it is some what intimidating to me as I am pretty much illiterate when it comes to electronics...uhh hmmm...yes, this means computers too! I mean, it's almost 2012 and you would think that I would finally be "getting with the program" but this mama is still a few years behind when it comes to knowing how to properly run all of our home electronics...thank God for my hubby or I would be majorly screwed! Anyways, thanks to my bestie, Bridget...over at teaching me a few tricks of the trade this afternoon (Thank you bestie!), I now feel a little more prepared to get back to my goal of blogging! Bridget and Tate were in town today to celebrate Christmas with Bridget's family and they stopped over to the Fordham casa on their way back to the cities so we could hang out for awhile and so that Rylee could open her presents from her God-mama and God-papa! She got some very adorable new clothes and a collection of Baby Einstein books that she LOVES! In fact, as I sit here and type this post, I can hear Chris in the living room reading to her and she is just did good Tate and Bridget, thanks again...for everything! We love you guys, xoxo!
 Bridget always does such a cute job wrapping the presents :)
 Rylee being ever so soft and tender with her special package!
 Baby Einstein...she LOVES!

So...this last week was pretty...UNeventful as our whole household got terribly we are talking projectile vomitting (sorry to any of you with weak stomachs but I promised to tell it like it is!) Anyways, honestly it was the worst flu bug of my life and my poor buggy boo was sick first and then I got it and then finally, daddy got it :( I am happy to be able to say that we are all finally feeling much, much better...right in time for Christmas!
Yesterday we had Christmas at my dad and Shannon's house for the McConnell family Christmas get-together (my dad's side) and then off to Chris' mom's house in Mantorville for Christmas with her and Chris' sisters. It's always so much fun getting together with family...I absolutely love this time of year but as our own little family continues to grow, Chris and I have made a promise to one another that we are not going to have memories of the holidays "on the road" with our little ones (no parents, this is not a hint that we are expecting...not yet anyways!!) but with so many different places to go, it leaves us with no time to make our own Christmas traditions so next year we plan to slow down a bit and make sure that we have time for just us too.
Alright, now I'm pretty much babbling so I'll end here for today...time to go and read a bedtime story to my most favorite, most special little girl in the whole wide world!
Sweet dreams to all.

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