Monday, December 19, 2011

We're members!

So Chris and I have been attending Family of Christ Lutheran Church for almost a year now...the hunt for the perfect church family came around the first of the year (2011) when we knew we wanted to find a church that we could call "home." We also knew that we had to find a pastor to baptise Rylee and marry us as our wedding was in September so we eagerly started our hunt...neither one of us grew up with a real strong religious upbringing...we were both raised with good and honest values and morals but had no real sense or knowledge of religion so it was pretty much the blind leading the blind! We did some research online and we ended up starting with the non-denominational churches; we visited a couple of churches in Rochester and actually really fell in love with one that I shall not name as this is not intended to be a criticism towards any one church...long story short though, we were told that basically we were not welcome as we were not married and had a child out of wedlock!?!! Who knew?!!! I have always pegged the non-denominational churches to be the most laid-back, most accepting but I was very wrong! They had offered to provide us a "shot-gun" wedding with no one knowing about it so then we could be members of their church and being that no one would know that we were already married, they could then perform our wedding ceremony/vows in September and we said.........Thanks but NO THANKS! So off we went on our hunt find the perfect church home. We had met an amazing man when my little brother was in his car accident; he is a pastor and the Police Chaplain for the City of Rochester and so he knew my bonus dad, Chuck very well; long story short, he was up at the hospital almost daily praying with us and I always felt this sense of calmness when he was around but I couldn't remember his name so I talked with Chuck about finding out where his services were held and he got me the information almost right away. The services are held at the Gibbs Elementary School in the gym (I know, not the most ideal location but they really do make it feel like church!) After our first service, we knew immediately that we wanted this to be our church that we would belong to...we knew without a doubt that we wanted Pastor Henry Biar to marry us and we knew that we wanted to raise our children in this church family! Over the last 11months, we have gotten Rylee baptised with Pastor Henry, we have gone through the pre-marital counseling with him and we have just completed 10weeks of membership class...we were officially accepted into Family of Christ yesterday morning as members!! It's such a great feeling to be members of this church family and to know that Rylee and our future kids will be raised with Pastor Henry's worship...every Sunday, no matter how tired I am, I get excited to go and I always leave with a new lesson and a feeling of calmness and happiness...I feel rejuvenated and it is such a great way to start my week! Anyone who is looking for an awesome Sunday morning church service...check it won't be disappointed!
Happy Monday everyone!

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