Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Wishes & Decorating!

Good morning everyone! I can hardly believe that there are only TWO more days until Christmas...every year seems to go by faster and faster, especially with a little one now! I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you and yours...this is such a special time of the year to be with family and friends and to celebrate one another! I wanted to post some pictures of our holiday decorating this year...I felt a bit more festive this year...I love coming home to all of our little twinkling lights inside and outside!

This is the DIY pine cone wreath that I made after Thanksgiving; it is cinnamon scented pine cones that make our home smell delicious! I just bought a super cheap "twine-like" wreath from Michael's with a coupon of course and the wreath ended up costing me around $4. I bought two bags of the pine cones from JoAnn's with a coupon and used the extras on our shelf in clear vases. I simply hot-glued the pine cones to the wreath and added the fun, Christmas-like embellishments...isn't it pretty?!

Since we do not have a fireplace, I like to use the floating shelf above our TV for our make-shift mantle for holiday decorations.

Our tiny tree...this is the last year for this little beauty as next Christmas, our basement will be finished and we will have a big, normal sized tree! I might still use it somewhere around the house though as I just think she's so cute :)

The bigger picture!
Again, with no mantle, we have to improvise for hanging our stockings which are looking pretty empty and pathetic this year...we are putting all extra $$ into saving for the basement...CAN'T WAIT till that baby is done...whoop whoop!!

I couldn't resist...I'm usually not a big fan of "Christmas pillows" but rather, a sweater pillow or something with a "warm color and texture" to represent the winter season but I saw this cutie at Target and I had to bring it home with, it was 25% off so it ended up costing me $12.

My table center pieces...I bought plain, white pillar candles from the dollar store and these clear glass vases from Michael's (again, with my coupons!) and then I found the fillers at Micheal's as well...this time without a coupon but I bought four bags the day after Thanksgiving and it only set me back around $8. I think they look so pretty and fresh against the green table runner (Target...also 25% off!) They are also cinnamon scented and smell delish!

Rylee's gingerbread house that she made at daycare...isn't it THE CUTEST thing you've ever seen?!! I had to find the perfect "display case" for her work of art and I stumbled upon this mini-cake stand at Hobby Lobby...they were having a 50% off glass sale so I think it ended up costing me around $12 but to me, it was worth it as I knew it'd be perfect to showcase her little holiday cheer!
 And we can't forget about Miss Bella and her cute little Christmas handkerchief!! She went to the beauty parlor the other day and she always holds her head high like she seriously feels pretty and fresh just like we ladies do when we get our hair and nails done...haha!!! She's so funny :)

And last but not least, the little buggy boo cuddled in watching mama take pictures of all the holiday decorations...yes, she looks tired because someone thought it'd be so much fun to get up at 6am; it is now almost noon and she is still going strong...I have never known a kiddo with SO MUCH energy!!! Oh well, she keeps me going too!! The snow just started to fall and it really feels like Christmas...such a warm and cozy feeling. Merry Christmas to everyone...I hope you have a beautiful holiday.

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