Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hi friends! It's once again been forever since I've blogged about life at the Fordham Household but my oh my have I had one giant dose of reality since bringing M & P home...Here I thought that I was going to have all this time to get little projects done and really get into creating my blog but I have been sadly mistaken! For those of you that really know me, I am a bit OCD when it comes to organization and keeping our house clean and in order so to not even really be able to do those small, daily "chores" if you will, is making this mama a bit crazy...there are days that I don't even have time to shower let alone clean or get a blog entry done! I know there are so many people that would say "they are only little once and it goes so very fast so enjoy this time," and although I know that from experience (someone pinch Rylee Jane is already 2.5 years did that happen?!!) but I can't really relax when the house is totally out of order! So I'm really trying to let some of that go and find a's hard but we're getting there! This is what a typical day looks like at the Fordham house....
7am: wake up, nurse M & P all the while trying to multi-task getting buggy up and ready for the day. She's a bit of a bear in the morning so that's challenging to get her moving!
8am: call my neighbor Chuck (nicest neighbors everrrrrrrrrr...Chuck and Mary; they're just a bonus set of grandparents for our girls!) Anyways, Chuck is retired and they have twin grandkids, boy/girl, who are Rylee's age and they live in Missouri so it's nice for them to have little ones next door...they get their 'fix' that way, lol ;) He sits with the girls while I run Rylee to daycare so I don't have to bring them out in the cold!
9am: M & P are usually getting fussy around this time...they want to eat all.the.time.......I'm trying so very hard to stay committing to nursing because I nursed Rylee for the first year and it was so good for both of us! It's much.much.much different with two...did I mention it's MUCH different, lol :) I still don't feel like my body is producing enough to keep them satisfied so I usually have to top them off with a little formula a couple times a day.
10am: M & P need to be fed a little again and then they usually nap around 10ish...I have tried really hard to follow babywise with the girls too because it worked well with Rylee but not so much this time around...I'm finally at the point that I'm saying...the hell with a's purely survival mode with two babies!! True story.
This nap I try really hard to have them in their cribs and if they fuss, I try to let them just fuss it out. Once they are resting peacefully, I try to run a quick vaccuum (I do this daily because as much as I love our pup, Bella...I cannot stand the dog hair...see, OCD kickin' in again!! Then I try to do a quick Jillian workout, I LOVE her! I got rid of my gym membership because I figured with 3 little ones, I would rarely get there which is proving to be true and I love to run outside when it's nice out so to get me through the winter months, I workout with my girl Jillian...I am feeling very out of shape because I wasn't supposed to do much physical activity being pregnant with twins this time's probably a good thing buggy is at daycare during my workouts because there tends to be a lot of not so nice words coming out of my mouth! I'm really committed to being in shape...I always have and hope that I always will be and right now, I'm just so unhappy with my post-baby bod but they are only 2months old and I'll just keep working at it! Okay, sidetracked again. Anyways, after my workout, I try to get a shower in as well. It should be noted that if all of this happens during their morning nap, this is a very, VERY good day! Typically, I'm lucky if I get a workout in, let alone a shower. I did tell my hubby recently though that when he gets home from work, if I still haven't had a workout/shower, he NEEDS to take over for me so I can get those things in...otherwise I feel like I'm going to go crazy...just keepin' it real.
Noon: Girls are usually up and ready to eat again...feed them and try to feed myself. Then they usually hang out in their swings/bouncers or they are just so fussy that I have to just hold and snuggle them while watching smutty series on Netflix (remember, we don't have cable!) So far I've watched Gossip Girl (4 seasons), Pretty Little Liars (3 seasons) and Chris and I have watched Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad and were currently watching Mad Men...I know, it seams like a lot but I've logged many, many hours of feeding these two little lovies! They are fussy because they have really bad gas pains...I've tried switching many things in my diet and finally have come to the conclusion that it's not mama's milk that is giving them gas, it's just their little tummy's trying to get used to digestion. Their pediatrician said they'd just outgrow while we wait for them to outgrow it, we just deal with their painful cries and try to soothe them the best we's so sad to hear them in pain :( Then they pass adult size gas and feel much better!
2pm: Feed again; this feeding I usually lay down with them and nurse them belly to belly...I set up pillow all around us and we snuggle in and nap together.
4pm: wake up, feed again.
5pm: the 4pm feeding usually doesn't satisfy them...starting time of the clusster feedings/witching hours so I have to usually give them a few ounces of formula. Then daddy and buggy get home and we all have family supper, play, etc.
7pm: feed M&P again.
8pm: bedtime with Rylee...and ohhh mmm gee...lately, this has been hell. She just doesn't want to go to sleep and will cry and cry and try everything to get out of bedtime. So...we not only have two tiny babies crying, we have our sweet little Rylee Jane adding to the fun too! *sigh*
9pm: usually feed the girls again and top off with bottle if needed...Chris and I try to lay them in their cribs but that only lasts a short time before at least one of them is crying...they just have to be together...either with one another or with mommy/daddy...makes sense since they've been together since the beginning of time! So sweet but doesn't really give us any good rest. They almost always end up in bed with us or we would not get any sleep. They usually wake up once or twice to feed in the middle of the night...more at times...
So there you have all it's glory! One big fat reality check for this mama. I still have until May/June until I have to be back to work so I'm hoping that I can start getting them on more of a schedule and really try to get them sleeping in their cribs so that I can get more restful sleep and start getting more things done. I have so many things I'd like to get done while I'm home...for now, I'm letting go of some of my expectations because it's just giving me anxiety...I'll still hold out for some hope that I get to some of my to-do's before I return to work but for now, it's just surviving day to day.
I still really hope to make a go of this because it's so fun and I love to write...I need an outlet during this crazy beautiful time in our lives!
P.S. I had a birthday this last week and I turned the big 2-9...last year in my twenties! I hear that 30's are the new 20's anyways! I made a list of 30 things I want to do before turning 30...I'll be back soon to share that with you along with posts about the babes...I have so many pics to share with you!

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