Monday, April 8, 2013

Let's Try This Again!

Hi friends :) It's me again...the not-so-good-at-this-blogging-thing-but-still-really-like-it-so-plan-to-stick-with-it kinda gal, lol! I know I've said this in previous posts but my oh my has my life changed since Miss Maysen and Princess Parker joined our family! There's no way...and no one that could have ever prepared me and my hubby for how much life would change with having twins! When I look at my three little girls, my heart feels like it could literally explode because I have SO MUCH love for them and I love being their mommy more than anything in the world...but being a mom is a full-time job...and then some! I still have 7weeks left of my maternity leave and I am just now finally settling into a routine (it only took us 4.5 months, lol!) A routine in which I might add could be completely thrown off by a sickness, growth spurt, etc so I say that while knocking on wood! We finally got the girls to sleep in their cribs at night which is a HUGE victory for us...they just absolutely hated their cribs but after a week of really rough nights that included some "crying it out," I am happy to report that I think they finally understand that their cribs are safe and comforting and they don't just rely on mommy and her "milk makers" for comfort ;) Yes, I'm proud to report that nursing TWO babies is still going pretty darn good!
My heart is aching a little thinking about how fast I know the next 7weeks will go but I'm also counting my blessings that I have been lucky enough to spend the first 6months of their lives at home kissing and cuddling them! I'm also looking forward to getting back to work and having some adult interaction during the days! It's hard to even have time in the evenings with Chris because once he gets home, it's all about getting dinner done and eaten, then bath time for the girls and then bedtime routine...which usually gets us to about 8-9pm by which time we are both so exhausted we usually just zone out to the 9o'clock news and before we know it, we are sound asleep...sounds romantic, ey?! Haha!
Anyways, just when I think it's safe to sit down and pay attention to my little blog-love (you know that schedule/routine thing I mentioned above...), I hear babies crying...and they sound hungry! *sigh*
I have a lot to catch up on and so much to share so stay tuned and I promise to be better...schedule permitting, lol ;)
My bonus mom and aunts and cousin had a "Pinterest Party" this was a blast!!! I'll post more this week on that and include all the fun projects we created. Also, I'll be busy this week planning last little touches for my bestie's baby's this Saturday and I can't FREAKIN' wait to see her and that adorable baby bump! Can't wait to shower her with an amazing party and lots of cute gifts for baby W! I can't wait to share pics of her party decor and all the sweet little baby gifts that I've made for her! (I got a sewing machine for my birthday and I'm seriously having SEW MUCH FUN (hahaha...dorky I know but it made me laugh...see, it doesn't take much for me lately!) teaching myself to many projects I'd love to do but so little time...oh well, maybe some day when life slows down a bit...yeah right, who am I kidding?! And you know what...I really wouldn't want it any other way...because I'm LOVIN' LIFE AS MOMMY AND's what God wanted me to do...and I'm so grateful and so blessed for my beautiful family!
I hope you all have a great week!

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