Friday, February 3, 2012

Paperclip Magnets

Hi guys, happy Friday! Hope you've had a great week! Mine has been...well, to keep it's been pretty crappy :( As I mentioned on Monday, it was my birthday on Tuesday and I was SO SICK the whole night before and the whole day on my I literally saw midnight come and go and mid-puke session I thought to myself..."self, happy fricken birthday!" Haha! I can laugh about it now because I am feeling SO MUCH better but it was a TERRIBLE flu bug and I was feelin' pretty sorry for myself...however, after some fluids, some tender lovin' TLC from my hubby and bleach-cleaning everything, I am back and feelin' much better! I had some extra time this afternoon so I put together this fun, very easy, very quick, DIY paperclip magnet project to display some photos at my real-life job...I have a cubicle that has a magnetic strip at the top and I have been searching for some cute, magnetic photo clips but have not found I thought why not just make my own?!
I found these  cute little clippies at Micheal's (after my coupon they came out to be around a buck!) and I just used an old magnet that we had received in the mail from our mortgage lender (it had a cheesy calendar on it)...I just cut it into strips and hot-glued the strips on the back of the clips and taaa daaaa...donzo! Yep, it was that easy!
 All the supplies!
 The magnetic clippie with this ADORABLE picture of my hubby when he was cute :)
And a close up...I just had to because this picture is so stickin' cute...Yes I know, buggy looks JUST LIKE's okay, I hear it pretty much EVERYDAY (I swear she's mine too!)
Pretty easy huh?! Kind of a fun idea for displaying your photos without having to put holes in them because usually the office cubicles are made of a thick, heavy-duty fabric that you can pin things up with these special pins but I just hate putting holes in my pictures and now I don't have to :)
Plus, they are super festive with Valentine's Day coming up and is in the air...I can feel it...can you?!?! :) Have a good weekend!

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